Coffee Table with Candle Stick, 2022

Aluminium, Wax Candle
Geometrically simple and simply constructed, the table
yields to an uncertainty of use - a hyper-functionality which
renders it as an outcast. Awkwardly perched and adjustable,
the candle is set to question the lack of specificity in that
which we place around ourselves, the places we create

Side Table Lamp, 2023

Zinc-plated steel, polycarbonate sheet, globe

An opaque light shade, on legs; a side table lit from below.
A zinc-plated sheet wraps a light source and is suspended
above the ground. No front or back is implied, nor is any

Basalt Shelf 02, 2023

Basalt pitchers, 3mm zinc plated steel

The formal restraint and abstract qualities of this assemblage is a counterpoint to the rich geological history and complex cultural significance of olivine basalt in Melbournes pre-colonial natural landscape and colonial built environment. The basalt is reclaimed from urban demolition and by repurposing this stone in reference to a domestic object, specifically holding aloft mass-produced metal planes, the work subverts the historical understanding of these materials.

Form IV, 2023

Sand cast recycled aluminum, sheet aluminum, stainles steel mesh.

‘Form IV’ is a play on the ‘performance’ of containment;
how we reveal or conceal the possessions of our private lives. A delicate mesh wraps the cabinet, performing as a curtain, a threshold, a mediator, permitting entry when drawn. There is somethingnegotiated at this threshold that signals a performance. Perhaps something ritualistic. Perhaps somethin echoing what Bachelard calls the imaginative attention of the ‘veritable organs of the secret psychological life.’

Broom Handle, 2023

Aluminium, Wooden Broom
Solid, lathed, well balanced. Calling to mind Joseph
Kosuth’s One and Three Brooms (1965), the broom as
prototypical domestic object is extended past use, past
ergonomics, towards absurdity.