Angus Grant is a Melbourne/Naarm based designer and architecture graduate. His work exists between the functional and the hyper-functional - artifacts of absurd briefs that question the role of the objects we surround ourselves with. His work fluctuates between furniture and autonomous objects, no longer something of assumed use, set against a wall, but rather something to be worked around, engaged with, set in the foreground of a room. An assemblage of simple geometries and mechanical construction, an object's material appearance recedes to highlight its uncertain function

Annie Paxton is a Melbourne/Naarm based multidisciplinary designer. She works with the very clever people at Kennedy Nolan as a Graduate of Architecture, alongside her creative practice which navigates the juncture between architecture and furniture/object, with a keen interest in how design drives and is driven by the poetics of everyday life. Her work tends to reside in the liminal - between the functional and the sculptural; the robust and the fragile; the material and the spatial. With the tendency to imbue works with patina and the trace of the hand, the interrogation of time/process as a material is often a salient driver in her practice

Dalton Stewart lives in Melbourne/Naarm working in the productive overlap of visual art, architecture, and design. His practice gives form to ideas that experiment with simple materials and processes that appear formal and abstract, exploring the possibilities of these disciplinary overlaps. Through material assemblage, his work occupies and questions the space between form and function, furniture and sculpture.

Shalini Rautela lives and works on the lands of the Kulin Nation.  Rautela was the recipient of Bates Smart Medal for her thesis project, Studio Dirt, responding to material flows within the context of deconstruction and reuse in Melbourne’s built environment. Shalini is concerned with a tectonic and material-driven approach to design, formal outcomes being reciprocally influenced by these processes.